What is a Mystery Room?

  • Chest Close Close Up Open Castle Key Treasure
    First, choose the adventure you want to be a hero in!
  • Wooden Door Door Wooden Latch Old Lock Keyhole
    Suddenly, you and your team are locked in a room and with only 60 minutes to get out!
  • Couch Pool Table Rec Room Bar Recreation House
    Search the room for clues. Discover the key that leads you to the safe that gives you a riddle that you solve for a code which leads…..
  • jonathan-simcoe-233519
    Need help? We can give you clues, so keep asking questions!
  • dustin-lee-19667
    No special skills are required, so anyone can play!
  • Finger Keep Fit Hand Insert Puzzle Handle
    You’ll need each other to escape and solve your mission! So, use teamwork, communicate, problem solve, and you might just be the hero!
  • elizabeth-lies-15631
    It’s an intense amount of fun and action all packed into 60 minutes! For your friends, family, and you!

Mission: Save Philly


Mission: Pirate Escape

DEC-JAN! Special holiday pricing!
DEC-JAN! Special holiday pricing!

Mission: Toy Strike

150 Harrison Ave Morrisville, PA 19067

Just 45 minute north of  Philadelphia, PA and across the river from Trenton, NJ!