Are we really locked inside the room?
No, but in order to solve the room and escape, the door before you will be locked. The door you enter is left unlocked. So, we recommend using the bathroom before hand. The hour is going to go by really fast! The only way to beat the game is to escape through the locked door!
How much is it?
Our rooms are $25 per person. Our seasonal rooms have special kid prices for kids ages 6 through 16. Their tickets are $15.
We do give a discounted price when you reserve a private room. When you reserve a private room in one transaction you get one person FREE (a $25 value)! This means you only pay for one less than the max number of players a room can hold, but you can bring the max number of players allowed.
Do I need reservations?
Yes, we are a reservation only venue! All reservations are made online through our website. Reservations can be made up to 6 hours in advance. We recommend reserving at least 1 week in advance to ensure your desired room, date, and time.
How long should we plan for?

Plan on around 90 mints total. Please arrive 15 mins before your scheduled game times for bathroom trips and a briefing. All games run 60 mins, unless you escape! After your game, we will celebrate your accomplishments with you and if you didn’t escape, we will let you see how the game finishes. And finally, you’ll want time to take a team photo to commemorate your escape… or almost escape!
We don't have the max number of people, can we still play by ourselves?

Depending on the game capacity, a total of up to 10 people will be admitted to the room at one time. If you purchase fewer than the maximum number of tickets, most likely other people will also be in the room with you. This can be great, a lot of people say they have the most fun playing with new friends they meet at their game!
You do need at least TWO people for us to run the room. But be aware, with only two people in the room, you will not have enough time to solve the room and escape.
If you wish to have a room for your group only, you can purchase all tickets for the room capacity for the game you want. You do not need to have the maximum number of participants, but you do need to pay for the full room. If you pay for the full room in one transaction, you get one person FREE (a $25 value)! This means you only pay for one less than the maximum number of players a room can hold but you can bring the maximum number of players allowed.
Can children participate?

Yes, but these games are designed for adults and recommended for ages 12 and up – some younger children might find the clues to be too difficult. But they can also be helpful, as they tend to search places adults miss!
Our policies regarding younger children are:
1. Children ages 16 and under must be accompanied inside the room by an adult.
2. There must always be one adult in the room for insurance and liability purposes.
3. Children ages 11 and under are permitted when you are booking the whole room for your group only. Other groups of adults may not wish to play these games with young children. And this way, your kids don’t have to play with strangers. This includes hand-held infants.
4. Children ages 6 and up must have their own ticket. You may be surprised just how helpful they are! Children’s tickets (Ages 11-6) are $15. Five and under are free.
We do have seasonal rooms that are more kid friendly, starting at age 6 and are only $10 for a child ticket. All of the above rules still apply. It’s recommended that you gather another family to play together!
Where are you located? Is there parking?
We are at the corner of Harrison Ave and Robertson Ave. Our entrance is on Baker Ave and the parking lot is on the opposite corner. Our address is 150 Harrison Ave Morrisville, PA 19067. Directions are here.
Is it handicapped accessible?

Unfortunately, not yet. It is something we are working on!
Do we need to bring anything?

A printout or electronic version of your booking confirmation. Other than that, just you!
 Can I bring my cell phone?

No, leave it in your bag! You don’t need your phone to solve anything. Pictures and/or videos inside any of our rooms is strictly prohibited. You are monitored through audio and video the entire time to help you along the way. If we see you violating this or any of our other rules, you will be removed from the room. Cryptic Pursuits and staff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
Can I bring food/drinks? Are there places to eat nearby?

Food and beverages are not allowed in any of our escape rooms. This is to prevent any messes, spills, or stains that may ruin the experience for another group. However, the Solid Rock Youth Center above us does have two multi-purpose rooms that are available for private party rentals. Check out the rooms here and contact us for availability and prices if you would like to add this option.
There are several great places close by for a meal or drinks before or after to complete your evening out!
Can I play high or drunk?

We are run by the Solid Rock Youth Center and are located in its building. We always strive, therefore, to set a good example. Besides, you are seriously going to want and need all of your wits in order to have a chance at escaping. These puzzles are hard and can be challenging when not under the influence.
As such, Cryptic Pursuits does not tolerate any substance abuse. You will not be allowed to play if under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering substances (besides caffeine or prescribed medication). This is to protect other players, the room, staff, and those attending the SRYC. Cryptic Pursuits and staff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
 Are tickets refundable/transferable?

All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. However, you can transfer or sell your purchased ticket to someone else.
Can I purchase a gift voucher for any game?

Yes! Purchase tickets here!