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Gary Taylor

Team Consultant

Gary Taylor has two bachelor degrees, a master’s degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree. In college he majored in music and played tennis. Over time he has served as the board chairman and/or director of five non-profit charities, including lead pastor at two churches. In 1982 he joined the Pennsylvania Army National Guard where he served for 20 years before switching to the Army Reserves for another 6+ years. Chaplain Taylor served two overseas deployments and retired in 2016 as a Colonel. He finished his career at the Atlantic Division (75th Training Command) as a certified trainer for Army field-training exercises. He and his wife have also developed a successful property rental business which has rounded out his professional career experiences.


Charissa Lees

Team Consultant

During her school years, Charissa founded the Solid Rock Youth Center, a non-profit which serves teens and their families. All earnings from Cryptic Pursuits supports SRYC. She continues to serve as its Executive Director. Charissa received her Masters of Organizational Leadership from Cairn University, with an emphasis in consulting. She studied to become an expert on teen culture, has developed several training programs, and has given lectures at both local high schools and her alma mater on non-profit organizations and teen culture. She served as a Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard and was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. She is also the mastermind behind Cryptic Pursuits room designs.